GMC9 | Project Management


Project Strategy Development

In GMC9 we work alongside our clients to clarify, define and articulate business and project objectives using a value-driven approach that results in an accurate understanding of project needs. We partner with the owner and consultants to develop the specific project scope, schedule and budget to address the outcome of the Strategic and Business Planning.

The project delivery options are then evaluated and the planned approach is selected.

We offer multiple services across the breadth of the design and construction project delivery process and our core capabilities lie in our strong project management skills and our focus on value engineering to ensure certainty of delivery for our clients.

Project Management

We bring an innovative, challenging and skilled approach in the management and coordination of the most complex, and multi-faceted projects. As project manager, GMC9 has managed all phases of the construction process, from pre-design through completion, including cost and budget controls, scheduling, estimating, expediting, inspection, contract administration and management of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.


Our approach to preconstruction is a disciplined and systematic method of optimizing every aspect of construction: cost, design, schedule and methods. We identify each project's unique challenges and solve them in advance. Sometimes it's figuring out the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Other times it's inventing a way to build something that has never been done. No matter the size or complexity of the job, GMC9's thorough preconstruction services make every project the best it can be.


For GMC9, building is a partnership. Being a good partner is about more than just putting bricks and steel together. It means collaborating with owners and architects to enhance every aspect of the project. It means bringing value to the process – making buildings that last longer, are more efficient to operate, and better serve the people who work inside. Successful construction management demands a detail-diligent approach, proactively managed by professionals who have the experience, skills and technical support each project demands. GMC9’s professionals are not only credentialed; we have seasoned, hands-on experience in the construction industry.

This experience, gained in the trenches of construction projects across the country, gives our project teams the practical knowledge they need to effectively manage virtually any type of capital project. GMC9 teams include: construction managers, resident engineers, construction superintendents, estimators, schedulers,inspectors, contract administrators and construction claims avoidance experts.

GMC9 places intense focus on making sure construction documents are complete, coordinated and Constructible. Working in close collaboration with architects, we eliminate redesign, avoid job disruption and ensure all program and design priorities are delivered.

How do we create better documents?
Our in-house specialists roll up their sleeves and apply lessons learned from hundreds of past projects. Members of our field teams – people who pour concrete and install systems every day – are right there at the table, helping to identify and avoid pitfalls.

Using our knowledge of disciplines (Mechanical, Electrical, Structural) and how they interface, we resolve challenges on paper before we start moving dirt and flying steel


GMC's experience spans a wide array of project types. We have never specialized in a particular market, simply because our work has been driven by the needs of the community. This flexibility has meant opportunities to build everything from libraries and community centers to housing, commercial centers and factories. When new work calls us beyond our home territory, we take our values with us. With prompt payment processes, safe jobsite practices and fair treatment, we build strong relationships and maximize local involvement for subcontractors and the community, everywhere we work.

Accurate, realistic estimates are the basis of every successful construction project. Our estimating staff includes mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as architectural and structural specialists, giving us the ability to do budgeting work in-house, rather than relying on subcontractors. And because we're a hands-on builder that regularly performs concrete, mechanical and electrical work, our estimates reflect what it really takes to do a job right. Owners get the cost roadmap they need to make critical decisions and maximize the value of their construction dollar.